HPC B03 Tax Stamps Counting Machine

HPC B03 Tax Stamps Counting Machine

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T h e   M a c h i n e

▪    Ergonomic single head  table top counting machine

▪    Plug & Play commissioning

▪    No external compressed air supply required

▪    No external components required

▪    Standard voltage supply 240 VAC ~50  Hz.



T h e   A d v a n t a g e s

▪    High efficiency                     - Increased productivity  through simple operation

▪    High accuracy                      - 99%

▪    High flexibility                      - Range from 35 - 150 g/m²

▪    High durability                      - Solid, high quality construction

▪    High cost effectiveness     - Low maintenance costs



T h e   F o r m a t s

Bundled or loose formats from 9 x 32 mm and sensitive products such as:

▪    Banknotes

▪    Postage stamps

▪    Tax stamps

▪    And much  more



T h e   O p e r a t i o n

▪    Standing counting position of the counting disc

▪    Best ergonomics for the operator

▪    Precise and fast  product handling

▪    No adapters required

▪    User-friendly HMI interface with single-sided user  interface


T h e   P r e c i s i o n

▪    Concentricity and axial runout  of the counting disc <0.025mm

▪    Smooth running and safe counting signals at any speed



T h e   F l e x i b i l i t y

All types  of substrates used in the global security printing industry  can be processed with the highest speed and accuracy:

▪    Cotton based products

▪    Coated products

▪    Hybrid products

▪    Laminated products

▪    And much  more



T h e   T e c h n o l o g y

Gentle disc design allows  counting of critical zones such as:

▪    Security thread

▪    Applications

▪    Codes

▪    Intaglio printing

▪    And much  more


T h e   D r i v e

▪    Fast              - 2,000 RPM for up to 200 sheets / second

▪    Powerful           - Torque at any speed

▪    Controllable - Accurate stopping on last count  and exact  batching 


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